It’s really happening!

Wow!  When we think back over the past year, it seems like an eternity since we put the house up for sale.  We’ve gone through all kinds of crazy adventures learning how this process works.  We thought we knew it all, but this experience has taught us a lot!

But it’s finally coming to a close.  Our realtor has been fantastic this entire time and very proactive on so many levels.  If you ever need a realtor in the Central Texas area, Check out Jeff Wolfe Realty Partners.  Him and his wife Leigh do a fantastic job!

That all said, we finally got the clear to close this week and we should be closing next Thursday. As you would know if you followed our instagram, this is a direct answer to prayer!  Thank you Lord!

We are about to start a new chapter of our lives.  There are many cool things coming this summer for us starting with a new-to-us Montana 5th Wheel that is in better shape after 4 years than ours was when it bought it 3 years ago (We’ll do a post on our very super lemony tasting RV one of these days!).  We can’t wait to pick it up and start living in a 5th wheel that will allow us to keep our blinds open during the summer!

There are many other changes coming as well so be sure to stay tuned!  We are about to start a YouTube channel and we’ll be ramping up to do one video a week by the middle of summer.  It will take us some time to get it all going but we really look forward to sharing our adventures with you as we go!

Tight Lines and curvy roads!

RV Fishing Adventures

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