Rebirth, Reboot, and Revive?

Yes! We got an Airstream and are selling the 5th wheel!


As you can see, we have really gone bonkers.  If you read the foreword to the last post, you’ll know that we got an Airstream.   Yep, we finally said that the 5th wheel was too much.  It was actually a pretty decent rig as rigs go.  If we wanted to stay in a 5th wheel, we probably wouldn’t have changed.  But the fact is, we wanted something a little more versatile for traveling since…  we ARE traveling… or will be shortly!

Yes, you read that correctly.  After that last post you’d think we’d been traveling all year.  Well, I found out after our trip to Colorado that my boss is against people working remotely permanently.  He felt out of touch the entire month I was in Colorado even though I reported in daily.  Unfortunately, at that time we couldn’t do without the job so we made the determination that we would change things.

Reflection in a window of our 5th wheel.

After we came back from our wonderful trip in Colorado, Sarah was completely beside herself.  She couldn’t stand the fact that we couldn’t keep traveling.  We got to go on another trip in February down the to coast and had a great time jetty fishing and kayak fishing while we were there, but it was short lived and most definitely not enough.

So she came up with the idea of going back to work as a nurse.  Yes, this was the logical choice for several reasons.  The first being that she stood to make a very sizable dent in our debts in a very short amount of time.  Just 6 months would pay off huge debts and bring us up to date on the things that are needed to full time properly not to mention a few toys.

But mostly the idea was if she really enjoyed nursing, she could switch over to travel nursing and then we could continue that on the road.  This idea is still in the future, but we are getting SUPER close to this goal.  Sarah got a job in April and since then we have made some huge changes in our lives.

This is a wonderful picture of us with Ridenour’s as we were about to take ownership of their baby.

We bought an Airstream from some super nice folks in Florida and drove out there to pick it up.  We immediately fell in love with the Airstream lifestyle and totally understand why there are so many Airstream fanatics out there. On our trip back we drove through downtown Panama City where there were crowds and heavy construction and at no time did I feel uncomfortable and even stopped on the side of the road so we could go down to the beach to wet our feet.  ha

For the summer we purposed to be “Good kids” so we could save money, pay off debts, and start getting some of the toys we knew we’d need to really travel full time.  The process has seemed excruciatingly slow, but it continued to progress right on schedule.

Now, Sarah has accepted a new position in the North Dallas area (as a nurse) and we are moving.  The really cool part is that I am losing my job!  Yay!


Wait… what???

Yes, this wasn’t exactly part of the plan.  I wanted to keep my job through at least next April but when I went to my boss to tell him we were moving to the Dallas area (where my company has a huge presence!), he said would be happy to keep me on for 60 days working remotely but that he really didn’t want his people working remotely in the long term.

After examining our finances and the income opportunities I have outside of work, we realized that it wouldn’t take much to “make it” on the road.  We’re really close to being fully supported on Sarah’s salary alone, let alone me making anything on the side.

So we decided to go for it!  Sarah is taking the job and we’re moving to a campground on a lake near Plano!  We’re going to be in that area for several months but we hope to stay at as many campgrounds as possible in the area. Pretty much anything within an hour’s drive is free game!

So what’s next?

One of the things we found out this year is that Sarah needs to have a full year of recent nursing experience to really get serious about travel nursing. This will happen sometime in April. Needless to say we’ll be exploring those options long before that point, but we expect that by April she will have a travel position at some place much further north so we can spend the summer in a cooler place.

Look for lots of exciting news as we start posting on a regular basis with news and info as we travel.  I’m going to be expanding several of our other sites as well in the days ahead.  For those that don’t know, I have several sites I’m working on including,,, and which isn’t fully setup yet.  Check out these sites and see if anything interests you!

This all leads to one thing ultimately — Our RVing rebirth!

As of this week, we are going to be updating RV Fishing Adventures much more faithfully AND we will be updating the web site again very soon.  The main reason we stopped creating content is because we were struggling with keeping full time jobs and trying to promote our different sites but primarily, we were having issues with not being inspired since we weren’t moving.  Since that is about to change, so is the frequency of posting!  We should be overflowing with content soon and hope to keep you all as informed as possible.

Keep an eye on this site for more news soon!  Things are starting to heat up as we prepare to make one of the biggest moves we’ve made in years!

Thanks for tagging along!

Mike & Sarah
RV Fishing Adventures


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