About Us

New Owners of a Shasta Phoenix 5th Wheel from Camper Clinic 2
Hi!  We are Mike and Sarah Van Nattan!  You may know us as “GeeksFishToo” or “QuiltingAngler” from our social media personalities. We are well on our way to creating the adventure of a lifetime for ourselves and have created this site just for those of you who would join us in our travels – and maybe literally!

We hope to travel all over the US eventually with the goal of visiting as many fishing sites as possible. There are so many cool places to fish across this country that we can no longer sit by and watch everyone else have all the fun! Our goal is to seek out the best, most remote, fishing spots and learn to fish them with success. We intend to sit at one spot for a month at a time to learn as much as possible about these places before moving on. If a place appears to be a “dud”, then we’ll move on quicker but generally stay until we “get it”.

So where do we come from?

Sarah and I are basically incorrigible travel bugs and can’t get it out of our systems no matter how hard we try. Our families have lived all over the world. Both of us were born overseas with me being born to missionary parents in Ethiopia and Sarah born as a military brat in Germany. We’ve visited many of the same places before we even knew each other which of course might have something to do with why we are together now! It didn’t help that my parents had both spent most of their lives overseas and constantly talked about the adventures they had as kids in Africa. All of this encouraged a strong urge to just pull up roots and disappear into the ether as travelaholics.

We tried to settle down in one spot for almost 10 years. We bought a house on a nice piece of property and had lots of dreams of what we could do with it… but the travel bug had completely bitten us. We started dreaming of buying property in another state where there were pines and snow. We even dreamed of moving to another country. It was all because we couldn’t handle staying in one spot for so long. It was driving us crazy and we really didn’t have a good solution.

Enter the “RV Idea”

About 3-4 years ago we bought a run-down old RV tow-behind that needed work. As it turned out, we didn’t have the time to fix it up and it just sat. But it sparked something inside us that only grew stronger as time went on – we really wanted to go RVing for real!

So we started doing research. We really started to like what we were seeing. At the same time co-workers showed up that were living in RV’s or traveled in one at least part of the year. We learned that there were financing options that made owning a 5th wheel as affordable as owning a pickup truck.

That was the last straw for us. We went nuts looking for the right “Rig” for us. We finally got near a solution when we went to the Austin RV Expo and got to walk through many late model RVs. Many of them were out of our budget but we realized that we were close. So we put the idea on a side-burner and focused on our finances so we could make this thing a reality.

About 6 months later an opportunity came along for us to partially “rent” out our house to family. This allowed us to buy a 5th wheel RV and we eventually were able to mostly move out of the house and into the 5’er. The house then went up for sale since our family decided to move on to something else.

Where we are now

We are now in the long process of waiting for the house to sell but once it does, we will be 100% mobile.
Our home spot is on family property here in Central Texas and we’ll always come back here when we Our 5th Wheel RV sitting at our home site with Kayak and our dog.need a place to park for a while – most likely in the winter! 🙂

We decided we should create this site since we are nearing the time when we will be starting our travels. We have learned a lot over the past 2-3 years and we would like to share some of our failings and successes so you’ll have a better chance of success yourself. We know first hand how helpful it has been to follow people online and learn from their mistakes. Some of our favorites are as follows – in the order we found them: Technomadia, Gone With The Wynn’s, Long Long HoneymoonRV Love, Less Junk More Journey, and The More We Explore. These folks as well as many others have taught us much and significantly helped us in our journey. We hope we can even begin to serve you as they have helped us.

Come along as we spin some tails for you and let us know what you think! We want to hear from you and we’d REALLY love to meet some of you as we start to travel more!