My Unique Stovetop.

During our first summer in our new house (RV) everything was exciting, however, it was soon evident how hot  Austin, Texas hot was.  Dinner still needed to be cooked, not to mention I often can my own beans and have a collection of other kitchen treats we enjoy.  So this stovetop was my temporary alternative, and has continued to be for the past two years.  It stores almost anywhere for travel, Electric stove hot plate we use in our 5th Wheel RVincluding on the couch, and can be  used outside for breezy weather.  This particular burner can even be used with my pressure caner which is a four quart jar size.  One reason it is sturdy enough to hold larger weight items is the fact that it is a solid plate cast iron top, not a basic coil top.  The letters washed off the first time it was cleaned, and the nob fell off early on, but it still works faithfully without trouble.  Until I can get the induction stove top I dream about, this is my inexpensive alternative that has worked well.

Happy cooking!


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