The Instant Pot

Cooking in an Instant Pot is awesome and amazing

So I have recently been given a new fan-dangled “Instant Pot”.  With all the buzz about the product I had all but convinced myself that it was not really worth it.  Since it was given to me I figured it should at least be proven or disproved before the decision was official.

My first food in it was frozen chicken, about 2 pounds, with potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic.  I only cooked it for 20 minutes and let the pressure release on it’s own giving it a little more cook time, and what do you know it came out wonderful! It also worked well for left over chicken salad and chicken tortillas later in the week. Next I made some re-fried beans to can.  Usually my beans are good, but they need some spice so why not try their recipe?  Mmmmmm.  that was the best beans I have made so far and after they were cooked I simply smashed and then canned them.  No, beans are not a big thing in our house, but since they are ready to go all I need to do is put them in a pan and warm them to edible which is a about a five m
inute process.  Now my goal is to find some desert dishes that can be made from the Instant Pot.  No bake cookies are first on my list and I know those will be a favorite around here.  To date I have fried un-breaded chicken in it, made chicken roast, pot roast from frozen, made no bake cookies (not quiet perfect), made re-fried beans, and canned in it.

After using it for the past month the Instant Pot has won me over for many reasons.  Versatility of meal types, quick heating, less heat released which means summers will be nicer in the RV. It automatically goes to keep warm so the meal waits for me and it eliminates so many things including having to use a frying pan.

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